Day 365/365 That’s All Folks…

A year has gone by. I have taken 365 photos. Well posted 365 photos, as I have taken many many more before settling on one to post for the day.

Thanks to my little olympus SP-510UZ for your assistance, without you I would have had nothing to post! Thankyou to Nelson and Miss Tina Sparkle for being part of my project and listening to my common question “What shall I blog about today?” Thanks for never saying “I don’t know…”.  (luckily they can’t!). Thanks to all who have read and commented, this constantly inspired me to continue and push myself to step outside my comfort zone and strive towards my goal of taking photos for a living.

Finally, thanks to GM. Without your support I could not have done any of this. You believe in me. You encourage me. You love me.  Because of this, anything I set my mind too I know I can achieve.